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One career field that is hot in both Seattle as well as major cities around the country is professional culinary arts. Culinary arts schools train students to enter the workplace as entry level chefs.

While culinary training gets students ready to start working in a professional kitchen, the real learning comes when the graduated students spend eight hours preparing meals in the restaurant's kitchen. You can find a local school or you can enroll in a school in a different state. If you attend school in another city, that will most likely be the city where you start your professional training due to the apprentice style of internship programs these schools develop.

One reason to attend a cooking school in another city is to learn that city's specific cultural cooking. New Orleans and Houston, for example, could offer training in Cajun or Texan cooking styles, respectively.

One city that most students don't consider, but possibly should, is Milwaukee. Milwaukee has a couple of good public and private colleges, is a pretty fun place to go to school, is close to a variety of cultural and outdoor recreation opportunities and isn't a costly city to live in. You could look into whether or not a Wisconsin college is right for you.

And maybe no traditional college is right for your situation. Maybe the only way you can regularly attend college classes is if most or all of them were offered online. Online schools are practically a life-saver for many non-traditional students. See if this option is better for your situation.

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