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If you really want to gain an edge in your next job search or career advancement prospecting, you could consider enrolling to pursue a graduate degree. While a graduate degree is certainly not necessary in many fields, some fields require them and others do not require them, but do reward graduate degree holders. In areas such as business and computer science, a master's degree and related experience can be the golden ticket to a big career advancement.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are also short trade training programs that a student can complete in under a year. Student can, for example, enroll at their local trade school and learn the basics of auto mechanics. They can earn their diploma in a very short time and get placed as an entry-level mechanic where they will learn more about their new trade and be able to immediately apply what they just learned.

Heading south of Washington State, there are also plenty of education opportunities in Oregon. The majority of Oregon schools are in the western section of the state. There are several good public and private schools to choose from. The two big public colleges are not a bargain, however, for students registering from out of state. Learn more about colleges in Oregon.

And if you keep heading south on Highway 101, you'll end up in San Francisco. Going to school in San Francisco can be a great experience, but the Bay Area is not cheap to live in. You can read more about Northern California specialty schools.

And if you want to go to college where you can experience a full four seasons of weather, the city of Minneapolis can really deliver. Minneapolis and its twin city St. Paul brilliant autumns, really cold winters, welcoming springs and hot and humid summers. Minneapolis and St. Paul are home to several good colleges.

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